Saturday, May 29, 2010

Everyday in May 18-20

I'm still drawing, but not photographing and posting (however it's more of a challenge to keep up with the drawing too). Here are a few drawings, and there's more to come.


EDM 18 - the view from a window. This is the view from the café where I happened to be sitting on the 18th of May. Boring. My computer screen in the foreground.


EDM 19 - something I made. This is a rune stone. I made it as a special assignment in high school ages ago. That is, I found a stone with the right shape (well in the viking days they would obviously shape the stone too, but I didn't go that far), and researched a proper formulation, and then chiselled it and finally painted in white paint to make the inscription stand out. The inscription says something like "Johanna made these runes for her self". In the viking days most rune stones were made in memory of someone who died, but there were a few that were more "ego" like this one. These days it resides in our garden.


EDM 20 - dad. This is my father, who just happened to visit us on May 20. My dad happens to be one of my biggest fans, so I am happy to post a drawing of him here. Dad, I love you!
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  1. I (still) Love the Window drawing! And I think it is sooo cool that you have made a rune stone! Och jag tar upp kampen om att vara ditt största fan :)

  2. Great portrait of your dad!
    The Rune stone looks so cool! Very interesting to learn about this tradition, too : ) !