Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peace lily & da Vinci


I'm introducing my son at pre school, so I've been spending some time there these past couple of weeks with him. To kill time I've been drawing a peace lily they have in the window. The top one is pen and ink in my new sketch book (yep, I just did it. I might put some color in it too, I'm not sure yet.)


These are done with pen and water soluble ink, and then water color, which dissolved the ink totally making it look kind of like a negative space drawing. I like the effect!

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This last sketch includes a copy of Leonardo da Vincis drawing "study for the last supper". I'm thinking that copying other artists portraits might help me improve my own portrait drawing skills.

Here's the reference picture I used (I tried to make it smaller, but don't seem to succeed in any easy way, so this is what you get):


  1. I really like this the effect with the water soluble ink! And the Leonardo drawing turned out great - I think copying old masters is a good way of learning, or so I hope...

  2. The 2 drawings of the plant are really nice - I especially like the effect of the watercolor and ink. You did a fine job with the Da Vinci copy, too! Well done!! nancy

  3. These are all wonderful, but the water soluble ink one is great! I can't believe how wonderful the effects are!

  4. You are mastering the pen and pencil. Many times your pictures aren't coming through on my computer. I'm sure glad that these appeared!

  5. I really like how you water colored the plants ^^ It's so subtle and smooth, the da vinci sketch is awesome too!