Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sketch book - first spread

This is the first spread of my moleskin sketch book. The text translates:

Pens, colors, eraser
A brand new book, full of blank pages
Creativity, lust for creation, hesitation, expectation
All possibilities lay open

Sketched with pencil, filled in with ink.

(I just wish I could use watercolors in my moleskin, but I guess I better get a moleskin watercolor book as well).
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  1. I started using coloured pencils more because Moleskine sketch book pages refuse to take watercolour! I am learning to like the pencils more and more, but I find the process so slow! The watercolour books are really nice... go on, treat yourself!!
    Great drawing to start your book with and keep you inspired.. :o)

  2. Great sketch of your art supplies, and a good first sketch for your new book.

  3. Always exciting to start a new moleskine, wishing you a lot of fun!

  4. New moleskines intimidate me somewhat. I like what I saw someone write on their first page - that their moleskine accepted everything without judgment - that's what I need.

    I love the drawing! It's a shame this one doesn't take color, because I'd love to see this one in color!

  5. Wow your sketches and paintings are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Wonderful sketch, and I agree with Dan, too bad it doesn't take watercolor because this one is begging for it!

  7. You know - the moleskine sketchbook takes watercolor pencils (caran d'ache for ex.) and watercolor crayons and gouache very nicely. Also, I decided not to worry about the book and I use gesso and acrylic paint very liberally - often painting over nasty ugliness and starting over. Of course our art is very different and acrylic might not be the look you want but I bet the watercolor pencils would make you happy.