Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Ebba


I know a girl named Ebba. This is a portrait I did of her, at the coffee shop where I had coffee with her mother. She wasn't very cooperative as a model, so I took her picture with my iPhone and used it as a reference.


This is Ebbas doll (yes, I have coffee with her mom every now and then), which is called Julia.
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  1. Ebba looks sooooo adorable! Great work, you captured the soft, round little face wonderfully. The idea of doing portraits is very intimidating to me, kudos for tackling this!

  2. Thats so cute and with so few little lines you got that look babies have. I bet it was hard to draw, both mine would never sit still when they were small.

  3. Your drawings are FABULOUS! I've enjoyed seeing your diversity and sense of humor- it's great! I'll be stopping back in.

  4. So cute! I particularly like the doll!:)