Thursday, November 19, 2009

EDM #248

A while back I stumbled over something called "Everyday matters". It's a group devoted to drawing and art and that get a challenge every week for something new to draw. For me it's perfect, I get inspiration and a push to work on drawing every week.

Last week was my first time and the theme was "draw a lock". I found a padlock that I use for the gym, and it has the keys fastened with a rubber band, which was also very good practice to draw.

Of course I couldn't do just one :)
(Shown in the order I drew them, the top one first, and the combination lock last)



  1. Enjoyed your blog. I have been hit and miss the last year, but am working at doing something every day.

  2. Welcome to EDM - good lock - please keep sharing with us!

  3. Welcome to Every Day Matters! I did the same as you - started after decades of absence. I hope you find this as rewarding as I do. I think you did a fine job with the locks. With the shading you can really see the volume of the locks.

  4. Hooray - and welcome - you have certainly taken big steps artistically and creatively. I love the locks, especially the combination lock. It seems as though you had a lot of fun doing this if you did three!

  5. Welcome Johanna! It's just so awesome that you have rediscovered it. I mean, after 15 year, that's really something. I was going through the same phase too, and I lost 10 years or so eventhough I did draw/sketch something small and not as serious along the way.
    It's true that EDM helps in motivating people do create... it also helped me to realize that art is not just for full time artists, but art is something we do for fun, to express, or simply killing time. :)
    It's really a great post by the way, love the way you shade, and all your different versions of locks were carefully "crafted".

  6. Welcome to EDM will find lots of friends and encouragement here. The lock sketch (es) are a terrific start! Looking forward to more posts from you!