Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Orchids aka EDM # 257

I have an orchid in fabulous blossom, which of course inspired me to draw. So here comes EDM # 257, draw a house plant.

First a couple of flowers. They are in reality pink with darker pink/purple dots - but I got bored with the dots far to quickly (in the left flower). Should I press on, to see the effect?

I had planned for this to be a full value drawing, but then I liked it so mych as a contour drawing, so I couldn't bring myself to continue. Should I?

A very quick sketch.

An attempt at cross hatching - and the result is just terrible. How do you do it?

A blind contour drawing. I love the result, the way the line is so confident, I really want to work on incorporating this effect in my regular drawings.


  1. All are very good, but by far my favourites are the "very quick sketch" and the blind contour drawing, actually. Even though the others are, of course, more realistic, these have that "something special". (I can't quite name it.)

  2. Beautiful! I like those hearts from previous post, too!

  3. I think they're all great! I would love to see a version with tone, maybe you could do a new one so you can still keep these! I would love to see a version in color too! (But then, I'm greedy soemtimes!) As for the cross-hatching, a very well known professor of art told me that he doesn't like cross-hatching, as hardly anyone can do it well. So, I rarely do cross-hatching, and if I do, I use it very sparingly! They say to go with "the lay of the land". Oh, and I'm a sucker for contours! Always love them!

  4. Aren't orchids fabulous? The sheer variety of them is astonishing. You've really caught that orchid dripping with blossom feel in the second drawing.

  5. Great sketches, I especially like the contour one. If you wanted to experiment with value maybe you could scan the original or trace it off? That way you can play with it and still have the original contour drawing.

  6. I like all of them! Everyone had such good suggestions for you that I have nothing to add in that dept. The best part is that you had fun doing them! nancy

  7. Great sketches, all of them, but my fav is the quick sketch.

  8. I like all of these but agree with you about the one drawn blind - it is bold and confident - and it has flow. I spent over a year drawing like this every day and found it really helpful. I also like your loose sketch too - it has that flowing, confident quality to it.

    Cross hatcing is difficult to use isn't it? Personally I think it's too heavy a form of shading for flowers - stippling is better - or a light wash. Both give a more delicate translucent effect. This is of course my opinion though!